nbc studios
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Comentarios nbc studios - 15-06-2010

es el lugar donde se grababa en directo el "late night with david letterman" o el "late night with conan o'brien", e incluso a día de hoy se sigue grabando el "saturday night live", cuyas primeras emisiones se remontan a 1975.

located at 30 rockefeller plaza (on 49th street, between 5th and 6th avenues) in manhattan, the historic ge building houses the headquarters of the nbc television network, its parent general electric, and nbc's flagship station wnbc (channel 4), as well as cable news channel msnbc.
the first nbc radio city studios began operating in the early 1930s, and tours of the studios began in 1933. nbc offers guided tours of their new york studios at a cost to tourists.