closing doors
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Comentarios closing doors - 14-06-2010

after the september 11 attacks in new york, the mta (metropolitan transportation authority) was extremely wary of anyone taking photographs or recording video inside the system. the mta proposed banning all photography and recording in a meeting around june 2004. however, due to strong response from both the public and from civil rights groups, the rule of conduct was dropped. in november 2004, the mta again put this rule up for approval, but was again denied. however, some police officers and transit workers still confronted people who were not authorized personnel.
on april 3, 2009, the nypd issued a directive to officers stating that it is legal to take pictures within the subway system so long as it is not accompanied with suspicious activity.
currently, the mta rules of conduct, restricted areas and activities section states that anyone may take pictures or record video.