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Comentarios morrison hotel gallery - 03-02-2010

the morrison hotel gallery is about people. founded in 2001 by former record company executive and producer peter blachley, former independent record store owner rich horowitz and music photographer henry diltz, the morrison hotel gallery has grown to become the major brand in fine art music photography. as you view some of the most inspiring and iconic images of music and musicians photographed over the last fifty-plus years, think about the people who existed on both sides of the lens. they most likely had no idea what they were creating or how timeless the image would become. music photography elicits an emotional reaction that is unique to all of us. it is no more than one-second of life at the time it takes to click the shutter. but what is forever frozen is timeless, and that's what draws us to the photographs. we as people can't live forever, but it seems as though the images do.