futurism at the tate modern
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Comentarios futurism at the tate modern - 29-10-2009

tate modern celebrates the centenary of this dramatic art movement with a ground-breaking exhibition. futurism was launched by the italian poet filippo tommaso marinetti in 1909 with the publication of the manifesto of futurism on the front page of paris newspaper le figaro. drawing upon elements of divisionism and cubism, the futurists created a new style that broke with old traditions and expressed the dynamism, energy and movement of their modern life.

this exhibition both showcases the work of key futurists such as giacomo balla, umberto boccioni and gino severini and explores art movements reacting to futurism. highlights include boccioni's dynamic bronze unique forms of continuity in space 1913 and picasso's head of a woman (fernande) 1909 as well as major works by artists such as braque, malevich and duchamp.