le corbusier en el nai
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Comentarios le corbusier en el nai - 21-06-2009

the netherlands architecture institute (nai) is more than a museum of architecture. it is a above all a cultural institute which is open to the public and which uses a variety of methods for communicating about the shaping of human space.
the nai moved into its current premises in 1993. the striking building is situated at the edge of the museumpark in the center of rotterdam and was designed by jo coenen.
the nai stores important architecture archives and collections, and makes them accessible to the public. the institute offers facilities for research and a platform for discussion. the nai presents exhibitions, lectures, debates and issues publications which aim to inform, inspire, and stimulate both professionals and the general public.
the nai has one of the largest architecture collections in the world; eighteen kilometres of shelves containing drawings, sketches, models, photographs, books, journals and other materials.
the nai presents architecture, urban design, interior design and landscape architecture in more than twenty exhibitions it organizes every year. it also devotes a great deal of attention to developments in industrial and graphic design and other aspects of the designed environment.